Red light glasses
Red light glasses
Red light glasses
Red light glasses
Red light glasses
Red light glasses
Red light glasses

Red light glasses

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Get rid of dark circles & eye bags at home

As we age, the skin & muscles around our eyes weaken, thin, and lose elasticity , leading to those unsightly dark circles and puffy eye bags that make us look older, less attractive and more tired than we feel.

Using Alume Ultra for just 10 minutes a day gradually solves the root causes of under-eye concerns by boosting collagen & elastin, draining excess fluids to reduce puffiness, and boosting ATP to accelerate new cell growth.

★ Targets eye bags, dark circles & fine lines. 

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See what our younger-looking customers have to say about the Alume® Eyecare - their experiences speak for themselves!

brighter, more attractive eyes permanently

The harsh truth: Creams & serums offer minimal, temporary relief, as they only address surface issues, not the root causes.

Dermal fillers, while effective, are extremely expensive, require maintenance, and carry significant risks, including potential vision loss.

The Alume LED Eye Mask effectively addresses dark circles and eye bags at their core.

★ 100% safe for sensitive skin.

forget covering up: get real, tangible results

By integrating 2 proven technologies, collagen production in the under-eye area is tripled, skin elasticity is boosted, and blood circulation is improved by up to 71%.

Rejuvenating Red Light Therapy: Utilizing 4 powerful LED wavelengths, it triples collagen & elastin production, accelerates new cell growth, reducing wrinkles & dark circles.

Skin-Toning Microcurrent: Effectively drains fluids beneath the skin, reducing puffiness & eye bags by up to 65% and lifting your eye countour. 

★ A non-invasive and natural option